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MGS offers enterprise mobile application development of any scale and complexity for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Along with native development to assure coverage of all target audience and quick market delivery, we develop hybrid and cross-platform enterprise apps with high performance, rich functionality and close-to-native user experience.

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Mobile Development Cornerstones at MGS

Mobility 2.1


We pay attention to maximizing mobility performance by fine-tuning loads, creating optimum backend environments,
and fast UI.

Mobility 2.2


We mitigate potential security risks by following security best practices and industry standards right from the early stages of app development.

Mobility 2.3


We deliver mobility solutions capable of connecting to existing infrastructure, utilizing various APIs, data connectors and communication protocols.

Mobility 2.4

User Experience

We employ user-centered approach to create the optimum mobile experience that is consistent across all devices.